I bonded with my aunts dog. Her name is Sadie

I bonded with my aunts dog. Her name is Sadie

Michigan Michigan Michigan

Only I would find the cool shot glass roulette table in the middle of the Las Vegas airport…


Just because Ariana has small breasts and a small butt doesn’t mean she’s a downgrade from Naya. Y’all need to grow up if you think a women’s value is based solely on her bra size.



remember when these pieces of shit were everywhere and they were the best thing ever

and when you were too old to play with them you would just randomly move one when no one was looking


what you say: tru

what I hear: True Jackson VP was filmed in front of a live studio audience


sometimes i get really jealous but then i have to think about things to be grateful for and i get over it

But the truth in this

darlingallison said:  I'm so so sorry for your loss. I hope you're doin alright, and you know where to find me if you need someone just in case

Thank you

catch-me-during-the-aftershock said:  hey sweetie, i am so very sorry for your loss. If you need to talk about anything, my ask is always open. I understand what you are going through. Stay Strong, love <3

Thank you

lovatos-little-skyscraper said:  I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. When I was younger, my grandfather died and I didn't cry. I didn't feel anything because I didn't understand or cry or anything and that's the one thing I regret in this world. So cry, get upset. Get mad at the world. It'll help you cope and feel better in the end. Stay strong and just know that he's in a better place now.

Thank you

wishihadwingssoicanfly said:  Hey Hun sorry for your loss. I lost my Pop 3 weeks ago. Stay strong beautiful.

You two sweetie. We will get through this together 😘